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44% of Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a Website – unbelievable!

I just read an amazing statistic – did you know that 44% of businesses still don’t have a website! That is crazy, in this day and age where 82% of consumers are surfing the web to research and find businesses they like.

Check out the article below!!

Monday, February 16th, 2009 by Andy Beal

Over at Frank Thinking, contributing Pilgrim Frank Reed shares a study that reveals just why it’s so hard to get small businesses to break their local newspaper/yellow pages advertising habit.

Why? Because they’re still using the darn things!

While 82% of consumers turn to the search engines when finding a local business, only 69% of small business owners do the same.

Even though a staggering 44% of small businesses don’t yet have a web site–with 78% of them spending 5% or less on internet advertising–there is some hope that small business owners are (finally) waking up to the web.

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  1. Dafydd

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

  2. pamela

    That is true and hopefully small businesses will realize what they are missing out on – not being on the internet

  3. Geoffrey Barley

    Hi nice post, i have come across your site once before when searching for something so i was just wondering something. I love your theme, would it happen to be a free one i can download, or is it a custom one you had made? In a few weeks i will be launching my own site, i’m not great with designs but i really like the style of your site so it would be cool if i could find (or pay for) something with a similar look. :) Thanks!

  4. pamela

    Thanks – I designed my own theme and banner – you can actually find a theme and I could do some custom graphics it may be less expensive. I look forward to hearing from you and of course my forte is design so It would be fun working with you.

    Let me know when you have you site I would love to take a look at it!


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