Apr 30

Royalty Free Image and Videos Resources

A few years ago, I wrote an article on royalty-free  images with references. I was going through them to re-post. I started doing some

Old Black and white pictures

From Pixaby.com

research and found new sites that I think are superior to all those I listed before.

If you want to promote your business properly visuals are so important. That is why these links are more important than ever…

Public Domain Images

From Pixaby.com


330,000 Free photos, vectors and Art Illustrations (love these photo’s)


Free for personal or commercial use.


Fantastic lists of Royalty Free Images


Free for personal use or commercial



Public Domain Video Footage

Archive.org/details/prelingerOld footage that is really fun to watch – Black and White and you can use it all for FREE (50’s, 60’s)


Free video, images, audio

Archive.org/details/movies#aboutFree Movies and video some full-length

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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  1. Christian

    Hi, thanks for this great sources. Another good site for free Footage Videos and free images is https://plixs.com they serve all files with public domain license cc0.

  2. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Hi Pamela ,
    I like to use images and know some of your resources,
    but some are new to me ,same with the videos .
    Thank you ,will check them out

  3. pamela

    Thank you

  4. ikechi

    Hi Pamela.

    Thanks for sharing this resource. I am aware of Pixabay but the rest are new to me. I will check them out. Thank you for this post and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. pamela

    You are more than welcome

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