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This is a series of article that will help you understand how to make money online. Additional income or a career it is up to you.

Mar 04

How to Sell in Social Media

A lot of people don’t understand that when creating a brand on social media sites the rules are completely different. With traditional marketing, you are constantly promoting and selling your product but on social media when you do that people with unfollow you. In fact, 56% of people unfollow brands that are boring or use …

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Jun 07

How to Make an Internet Video

How many of you have dabbled in or thought about creating a video and posting it on You Tube or some of the other video sites? I have a degree in multimedia – I love putting images, words and sound together to get an emotional effect, it is truly one of my passions. In the …

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Aug 21

Affiliate Programs the Good, Bad and Ugly

I am all for affiliate programs – in fact, I think they work amazingly well when done right. The problem comes in when there is no face to a name. What do I mean by that? Well, this is what I mean– I personally have worked very hard to be a top notch professional (and …

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