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May 23

Wanting to Start a Business? How to Succeed.

Successful business Practices

I am currently working with a client who I know is going to be successful. They have the passion and excitement but more than that, they have done the home work that should be involved with building a strong foundation for their business. Have you really set up a sound foundation for your business? It …

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Mar 15

3 Secrets to Having a Successful Business


After talking to a prospective client the other day – a thought came into my head that I hadn’t even though of in years.   “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This is the bare bones truth… As a young person one of my first jobs was …

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Mar 08

Search Engine Optimization – Whats New

I have not heard or seen any significant changes in this year’s  Google algorithms . Unlike last year where we saw significant changes that dropped  a lot of websites PageRank. They were just banished from the front pages. Let’s recap what did happen last year and how those updates in 2012 really shook up some …

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