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Jul 18

Does your website design really make a difference?

I know I have been preaching for years how a website needs to look professional – it doesn’t have to be fancy and have a ton of moving object, in fact; I discourage that, but it does need to look like clean and professional. Case in point: The other day my husband received in the mail …

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May 22

How to Develop a Truly Custom Website

I know unless you have been in the business of website development you may not know all that goes into it. Earlier, I wrote an article explaining the difference between a customized website and a custom website. If you are a little fuzzy on what the difference, please go back and read the article. I am outlining the …

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Feb 20

Does Your Host Make a Difference?

Do you ever think about who is hosting your website, do you think it matters? Yes of course it does! A web host is someone who “houses” you website/pages. A good analogy is it is like you are renting an on-line store. So it is important when renting this space that it is big enough …

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